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Is there any 1024 bit gpu ?

a crazy vendor near my house said to me that a boy came in with a 1024bit graphics card in need of a compatible psu. didnt find any thing on google so may u guys can help
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  1. Nope.

    I'm assuming you're referring to the memory interface, in which case the highest is a 512 bit.
  2. He probably meant 1024mb of memory.
  3. jyjjy said:
    He probably meant 1024mb of memory.

    Read title.... No there isn't unless you want to count sli or crossfire which isn't really 1024bit. 512bit is the max but who knows there may be such a gpu that may have been produced in limited quantities for corporate and military use. I remember reading up on a custom card that was produced for the FBI that featured 4 gpus in the late 90s using the voodoo2.
  4. Yes I'm aware of the title and that there are no cards with a 1024 bit memory interface. I'm saying the original person who said they had a 1024 bit card was probably confusing the bus width with the amount of memory.
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    Fir grins, check this GPU out on Newegg:

    It states that its Memory Interface is 896 (448 x 2)-bit. Really just SLI, but is a clever marketing ploy rather than a technical capability.

    The bottom line is that these are no 1024-bit memory buses in either the desktop or workstation class However, I am sure you could dig up more clever marketing that would tell potential customers they offer such CF or SLI solutions that have 512*2=1024 offerings just waiting on the shelves.

    Have fun!!!
  6. thnx for all your response,
    i did see a gtx 295 and a gtx 480 with 894 bits or something like that. such a shame to have such vendors.
    thnx again cheers
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