Amd 240 Overheating

AMD X2 240 PSU 450 watts

I have had my system for 5 months now and the problem started just 2 week ago.Processor is overheating.At idle temp is at 48C and at load it jst keeps on climbing until the pc freezes,pc freezes but does not shut down or restart automatically.I used 'speedfan' to check the temps.Changed to a new stock cooler and tried it using two other PSU's but still the problem exists.Before this prob started temps were at 37-39C at idle and 55-56C on load.Vcore voltage is at 1.42V.I have not done any overclocking or changed anythin in the BIOS.Pls help.
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  1. 1.42V??? :O Since we have the identical CPU, I'll give you the screenshot of my K10Stat setting for your reference:

    As you can see, the voltage settings are nowhere near 1.42V. My idle temperature is 29-32°C at p-state 3 (800Mhz). With this kind of setup, there's no way you'll experience overheating issues. Well, unless the cause is not the vcore voltage :P But I suggest you try the K10Stat and see how it turns out. Good luck!

    EDIT: Typo...

    Also, I'd like to know the 3 PSUs you're using, not that it's suspicious, but might help as a consideration factor.
  2. here is mine

    Uploaded with

    It is completely different from what is shown in speedfan and yours....which one is real and what do i do?

    Corsair CX400
    Corsair VX450
    local brand 450 watts
  3. Okay, I'm kinda confused here. I thought you said that you have an 2.8GHz CPU, but it's a 3GHz at the Info tab picture. The other picture is a 2.8GHz, but the NB frequency is 1,600 instead of 2,000. Plus the vcore is 1,3750V instead of the preset value of 1,2750V. :heink: That's a weird setting indeed.

    The Corsairs are alright, the local brand isn't.

    What OS are you using? Try to disable the C 'n Q in BIOS and set the K10Stat using my settings. Better yet, delete the current K10Stat you're using and download the latest one. I believe it's version 0.9.1. See how it turns out using HWMonitor from CPUID.

    Not as easy as I thought... :sweat:
  4. I tried resetting everything in bios to default settings for the 5th time and now the temps are back to normal......infact it has really cooled down. 22-25C idle and 33-36C on load.Thnx
  5. Glad to hear it's finally sorted out. Good job with the troubleshooting! :D
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