New Gaming PC - right setup? PSU 650 for Radeon 5870 Eye 6?

My main question is will the power supply be enough? reading the specs on the Radeon, I read it to say that it needs a 600W or higher PSU, which I believe this is. I've seen online recommendation of 750W+ PSU's for this card, so I ask: will this be enough / correct for my desired setup?

I've been looking at building a new PC on newegg and below is what I've come up with.

I was shooting for around a $1000 budget, and this is over it, but I think it's got everything I want.

Also, if you see anything else that's wonky or have other recommendations for the system feel free to speak up :D

1 x ($179.99) CPU AMD|PH II X4 965 3.4G 6M RT

1 x ($479.99) VGA SAPPHIRE| 100290SR HD5870 RT

1 x ($81.99) PSU ANTEC|EA650 RT

1 x ($79.99) HD 1T|WD 7K 32M SATA2 WD1001FALS

1 x ($149.99) MEM 2Gx3|GSK F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ R


1 x ($109.99) MB MSI NF980-G65 AM3 R

1 x ($9.99) CPU THERMPASTE|AS5-3.5G

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  1. A 650w PSU will work fine without any issues on that rig :) As for the GPU, I use a 5870 myself on a Corsair 650HX and I've even overclocked it without any issues - remember, the 'good' power supply brands will always be a lil more extra power.
  2. are you going to be using six screens?
  3. The 5870 Eyefinity 6 is wonky. Unless you're planning on hooking up 4+ monitors and they all have DisplayPort, or you have enough active (or passive) adapters for all the monitors.

    As long as you know what you're getting into with that card, then the card itself is fine. Otherwise, you should just go with a normal 5870.

    The motherboard you picked is questionable. You could buy faster RAM, and you want a dual-channel kit, not a triple-channel (they're only for Intel socket 1366 motherboards).

    The power supply is fine as long as you don't ever intend to CrossFire or go for a massive overclock.

    Back with links to other suggestions in a little bit.
  4. RAM - Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 1600 MHz CL7 - $98 (- $20 MIR) or G.Skill Ripjaws/ECO series 1600 MHz CL7 (each $105).
    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H - $140 - CrossFire capable, USB 3.0 & SATA 6.0 Gb/s.
    GPU - XFX 5870 $390 (includes free game)

    There's a combo with that GPU for an XFX 750W PSU - $480 total. That's a very good PSU, scored 9.6 at jonnyguru.
  5. Thanks for the input!

    I am applying my face to my palm, regarding eyefinity. thank you. no I don't plan on using 6 monitors :pt1cable: This was a "first draft" of my wishlist :)

    Thanks for the links, and the recommendations, I'll be changing my setup accordingly! glad I asked first :D

    Regarding ram: 4gb enough? I'm passing my now 3 year old gaming machine to my wife ( :kaola: ) to build this new one, I have 4gb in the old one, and figured 6 wouldn't hurt based on the other gaming machines I'd searched out it appeared to be par/above-par for the course.

    With the high end graphics card, and having 2gb of ram on it, does this change my RAM needs? or is 4 just enough for now regardless?

    thanks :)
  6. 4 GB is enough for gaming right now. I don't expect that to change until virtually everyone is switched over to 64-bit OSes. Games are all still coded to run 32-bit, so they cannot use more than 3 GB or so memory.

    If/when you decide to upgrade your memory, go from 4 GB to 8 GB, as dual-channel memory drops to single-channel if you have 3 sticks, rather than 2 or 4. That won't cripple your system or anything, but it will reduce the performance a little.

    6 GB is standard for the Intel socket 1366 builds, as they run in triple-channel mode.
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