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I recently had some issues with my graphic card and decided to make a clean sweep of all the ATI stuff and download new drivers, I uninstalled my ATI drivers with catalyst control center and used driver sweeper in safe mode.

After the restarting and stuff I went to the site and downloaded the catalyst 10.6 package for 5xxx cards. Then I ran it and went on with installing catalyst control center, but after pressing install drivers in the catalyst control center installer nothing happens.. No screen pops up and I can't go on with installing drivers, so I'm stuck with old drivers. There seems to be some kind of loading though, but nothing else.

I also noticed that before installing windows had said that there was some kind of problem and it had changed compability settings (didn't really pay much attention to it), this might have something to do with it? Running Windows 7.
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  1. Cleaning again your current driver(10.6) and try use the older driver like 10.4 or 10.5...
  2. I've tried cleaning again, but I don't have any drivers installed so there's not much to clean. I'm going to try installing with my driver CD now.
  3. Just noticed that atiesrxx.exe, MOM.exe and CCC.exe are running, but theres no screen or anything visible.
  4. Got them installed now, I just ran the setup using cmd and restarted, and all seems fine now after.
  5. Try some light gaming or watching videos...
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