Which Kind Of PSU Should I get, Multi Rail or Single Rail? For Gaming.

Hi so I read around online and went up to microcenter here in st louis, I talked to a guy about what kind of power supply should I get for my 2 x 465gtx sli'd, intel core i5 750 overclocked to 3.4ghz (no voltage increase) and ram at ddr3 dual channel 1600mhz (no volts increase). also 1ssd + 2sata hdd's in raid, 5 LED fans and 1 dvdrw drive, Im currently Using a coolermaster 750watt gx series 60amp 12v rail, I get bluescreens when i Use my second card, Yes i can verify its works, long story short i ran that psu for a week in sli and started having issues, switched 3 different motherboards and that wasnt the problem, found out my psu is probably degrading itself so im running on stock settings atm, sorry for all the info, but Im asking Is a Multi Rail Power Supply A Better Choice for me or a Single 12v rail psu, I went on nvidias site for sli requirements and so forth, anyways It didnt show my cards on there so I just chose 2x 470's in Sli seeing there the same card pretty much and it showed a Ton of Power supplys, I chose
and seeing my cards are 38 amps each and those rails are only 25amps each x 4, will I run into issues with that power supply? I need to get something at least under $200, That psu above is only $159 atm and its a good deal it seems, Would You guys/girls Prefer a Multi Rail for my system or a Single 12v rail? Thanks Guys Looking Forwards to some Responses... -Jim
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    38 amp +12 volt rating for your card is for the whole system, not just the card. That Antec is good but I would grab one of these Corsair TX950 at $120 after MIR before they go of the market since they are revamping their product line.
    Single rail would be my preference.(most are even though listed multirail)
  2. But the way I figured it would be 38x2 (2 465's) = 76amps then cpu between 15-25 with overclocking.. so about 100amps+, am I wrong on that? u said 38 amps for whole system but I have 2 cards... Im confused man help me out lol
  3. also will that psu give me headroom for Overclocking Both 2 x Video Cards and CPU?
  4. In the 38amps recommended by manufacturer is the CPU and all other +12 volt devices in a system. Here is one benchmark where the whole system with a single card consumes 412 watts (that is less than 35amps if all on +12v) running furmark
    Overclocking you should be fine I plugged your system in here guessing a bit but only get recommended 605 watts.
  5. Alright I just called EVGA and the guy told me that the 950 watt corsair u showed above would be a rock solid quality psu for my system, Thanks Rolli59 for the help :)
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