Anyone know why SSDs were discounted and now more expensive?

Yeah Newegg had the Samsung 830, 256gb ssd on sale for $170, and now it's $200 out of stock. The same thing seemed to happen with other sizes too. Is there an SSD shortage going on or what?
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  1. they came out with new models and were clearing out the old
  2. There is no ssd shortage. Sales and special promotions change all the time. Daily deals change every day. You just have to be patient and wait for a sale price to reappear.

    The best place to check for daily ssd deals is over at LogicBuy:

    Here's a link to their best ssd deals of the day:

    You can usually find a link to overall daily deals in the news section on the Tom's Hardware home page.
  3. It follows nand flash prices. It is a traded commodity. If nand prices fall, ssd's usually go on sale. Dram is the same way with memory.
  4. This happens every day. Today Crucial M4 x 256GB is on sale for $165.
  5. And when they go on sale, they usually go until the stock is sold out (or the stock they dedicated to the sale). That's the reason they do the sales, to sell out old or overstocked items.
  6. Samsung 830s specifically have been fluctuating a lot due to the coming release of the 840 series.

    I was able to pickup an 128GB 830 for 73$ (inc shipping) last week from Amazon (who seems to be beating newegg pricing on them). A few weeks prior to that, newegg had a deal on the same drive for 90$, then raised back up to 120$ for a few weeks. Keep looking diligently on amazon/newegg, you will see them show up at the lower prices, be ready to snag them immediately if you want to buy; once they stop getting shipments of the 830s, which I would suspect to happen in the next month, you won't be seeing these deals.
  7. Just this week Newegg had the 128gb 830 for 70 including shipping :P.
  8. Thanks for the answers guys, I learned a few things! :-)
  9. you are quite welcome
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