Odd problem: External Hardrive not showing up anywhere

Unfortunately, I accidentally unplugged my WD USB HD while it was writing data. When I plug it into my W7 system it is not recognized, nothing happens. Disk Management and Device Manager do not show this hard drive. (Not even as a USB device)

I tried to plug it back into a few different usb ports on couple of different computers with no luck..

The LED light used to flash when you plugged it now its just a constant on light. I can feel the hard drive spinning while plugged in.

Any ideas? I don't really care about recovering the data, just about getting the drive to work again. Is there maybe a program that will find the device?

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  1. Bump :)
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, it wasn't recognized in that program.

    Any other ideas? :(
  3. The user that just posted only ever posts articles on a pay-to-write site. Not sure what his agenda is but that shouldn't be allowed imo.

    Can anyone give me some real advice please? :)
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