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Hi folks,i'm new here and i'm looking solution for my Dell laptop.A few days ago, my Dell laptop Inspiron 1420 has burst out and the screen became colorful and couldn't be start, so i was wondering i disassable it all by myself.

So i was wondering which laptop graphic card compatible with my laptop socket and can be installed into it, my graphic card model was

NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS and this graphic card has well known as banned graphic card from NVIDIA

Sincerely looking for help, please advice wheather i should look out for original manufacture to repairs but it surely cost a bomb to me.
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  1. most laptops have integrated graphics and cant be upgraded
  2. The 8400m gs is directly soldered on and even if you replaced it, the heat sink would not be able to handle a higher end integrated card like the 8600m
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