Going to buy a 5850 is the best buy!

My System

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Intel E8400 @ 3.0GHZ
Sigma Shark 635w PSU
2gb ddr2 800mhz (I also planning to go to 4gb)
1tb WD Green 32mb cache
500gb Hitachi 16mb cache
Coolermater Centurion 590
Acer 22" 1680 x 1050 monitor
Logitech x540 5.1

I am going to purchase a 5850 is this the best buy cosidering a GTX 470 is $40 more and a 5870 $100 or is their another option based on my system

I love the 470 the tessellation advantage, the high minimum frames, the high 1680 x 1050 frames, the 32 multi sampling, the phsx (not a big deal though), the 3d (for now probably), EVGA and the longevity in terms of technology. BUT the 5850 & the 5870 is cooler and I ran a 4870 512mb on my 635w PSU comfortably so a 5850 should work for sure and I AM AFRAID THE 470 WOULD NOT WORK WELL! even though it has 40A on the dual 12v rails (NB is is almost 2years old if this is important)
PLEASE help me make the right choice!!!
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  1. I think a single GTX 470 should be ok on that PSU but the HD5850 does give off much less heat and use much less power. It also OCs a huge amount if you get one that allows for voltage modification. The GTX 470 also OCs a large amount even if not quite as much.
    You decision is not quite as easy as you think though because recently there's been a GTX 470 on newegg for only $300, just $10 more than the cheapest HD5850 and cheaper than any with voltage control;
    I read some where that an aged PSU (capacitors) is not as powerful as a new one! But if the psu is not good enough wats the worse that can happen can I just down clock the 470 till I can afford to purchase a better one as a worse case scenario! I have no gpu now and I am missing out on gaming and watching movies
  3. What is the major difference between a MSI GTX 470 and an EVGA GTX 470?
  4. The power supply you have is a pretty good brand. Even at 2 years old it should be fine for a GTX 470. Theoretically if it wasn't good enough then the system will just refuse to start with the card or when you go to run a game and the card needs more power than the PSU can supply your system will restart itself.
    As for the difference between the cards it should be mainly warranty and price. Also possibly the cooler but I think most GTX 470s are still on the reference cooler.
  5. Well the 470 seems like the better buy! (will purchase with a 4 in one cooler master kit to improve overall air flow in my case!!!)
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