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I use my micro sd to flash custom rom to my htc hd2 and then today, I want to reformat my micro sd using sd formatter. When it is formatting it shows an error cannot format....... , then when I go to computers, the micro sd does not show up. I take it out and then put it back and then it showed up. Then I use minitool partition wizard to make a partition, my step are:

Delete partition>apply
that's my steps that I took, after apply the disk gone, just gone, I take it out and then put it back and then it showed up but only in minitool partition wizard. The file system says its bad disk, I can't do anything with it.
Is there any program or config that I can use to repair my micro sd or just buy a new one.
sorry bad English

thank you
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  1. Just buy a new card - no point in struggling with one that's obviously faulty.
  2. it works for month, just now when I want to format it happen, it could not be faulty
  3. just because it works for months, when it going to break it going to break.
  4. Ok. i'm going to buy another one, but what cause it?
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