My nba 2k10 is still slow after upgrading

why is it that my nba game (2k10) still lags / is still slow even if i have already upgraded my pc from sempron 2.0ghz to athlon II x4 2.8 ghz?

here are my specs
board is asus m2n68
graphics card is on board geforce 7050 pv/nvidia 630a
ram is 3gb
processor is athlon II x4 2.8 ghz

is this a computer issue or do i need to upgrade another part again?
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  1. Well, you forgot 1 thing: you still use the onboard graphic...
    That's why you still suffer lags. :)

    No matter what CPU do you have, if you still use the onboard then you're not good when it comes to gaming...
    Get a dedicated card, even any low-end card would still overwhelming the onboard graphic...
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