Wipe harddrive problem

I have a problem when I wipe my harddrive. I have been using different tools to do this. My main tool is HirensBoot 15.2: Partition Wizard.

When I select the option to Wipe my drive the process runs smoothly until it reaches about 10-12 % after that my laptop shuts down completely. Same thing happens with other Wiping tools.

I tried different Wiping options, everything from 4-5 passes but the computer dies anyway.

My laptop is a Packard Bell TM85_JO-855NC. The harddrive is a 500gb SATA.

Does anyone have any clue why this happens?

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  1. The harddrive is a WD5000BEVT 8MB 500GB
  2. your hdd might have bad sectors causing errors. use your hirens tools to do a diagnostic on your hdd.
  3. I tried it, but didn't work. The software couldn't detect the harddrive. I'm starting to guess that the hdd has died completely. Although this is weird because it was running just fine.
  4. Sudden Failure is not all that uncommon. that is why it is very important to back up.
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