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Hi, im having problems lately about this old computer(windows xp) from my friend which i am trying to reformat. So here's the story..

I tried to reformat his pc with Windows XP SP2, unfortunately its already 6 hours and the installation was still not done. So what i did was remove his PATA HDD and put it in my own pc. Then reformat, it only took about 10-15 mins. Then when i put it back to his old computer it was not being detected.

So i went to BIOS, on Primary IDE Master, i press for "search" but it is still not detected. When i exit BIOS, suddenly its recognizing the HDD. But still i get the error DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. But when i restart the pc it is still not detecting the HDD and i try to do that search thing again.

I already made the settings to AUTO detect hard drive and load default of BIOS, changed cables and wires, I can also hear the HDD spinning(cause its too loud) but unfortunately i am still getting the error.

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks folks! :)

P.S. Sorry for my english im not a native speaker
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  1. eyescythe said:

    Is this because no OS is loaded on the HDD?

    You could try defaulting all the BIOS settings. PATA drives have a pin near where the PATA cable and molex power goes which sets the drive to either a master or a slave. Not sure if this would fix the problem though.
  2. I dont know but the old pc cant detect the IDE HDD.

    but when i plug it to my own pc, it is detected and the OS works.

    what do you think is the problem, the old pc or the IDE HDD?
  3. i use the same cable
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