Amps requirements for the ati radeon 5770

I have a 650 watt psu with 2 rails of +12v 16 amps. one of the rails is a 6-pin connector. My question is this psu good enough to run a ati radeon 5770
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  1. 32 amps is quite low for a 650w but even so it should be fine for an HD5770.
  2. Yes, it's a quite low for 650W PSU. Even my 500W PSU has 2x 18amps on 12V rails.
    But like jyjjy said above, it should be able to handle HD5770... :)
  3. I seen a report that says the 5770 runs 19Amps, can't recall if that was underload or not though.
  4. So i see you advise mee to buy the 5770. so i will buy it. if the power is'nt enough I will buy another PSU with 38@mps and sell my current psu for a friend.

    is this a good idea.

    my system current info: windows 7-64bit pentium Dualcore E5200, 3gb memory, hitachi 150gb 7200rmp hdd, seagate 250 gb rmp7200 hdd, evga 9500gt ddr2 1gb
    and 3 coolermaster 12mm 9ocfm case fans
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    You won't have any problems with your power supply. I have a 550w power supply with 14 and 15 amps on the 2 rails and i run a vapor-x 5770 overclocked video card and my CPU is also overclocked to 3.4 from 2.67Ghz.

    Buy the card and enjoy it. It will be worth it :) .

    And i know that my PSU has a low amperage for it's power but i have it for 2 and a half years and it was not a new model when i bought it.
  6. rattman169 said:
    I seen a report that says the 5770 runs 19Amps, can't recall if that was underload or not though.

    19a on the +12v rail is 228w. The HD5770 doesn't use anywhere near that much power. It tends to max out at about 85w under normal usage, about 110w during stress testing.
  7. I want to thank al of you guys who commented on my question. The information you gave was very helpfull especially the comments of Ionut19 and jyjjy

    To comment on ionut19 : I've overclocked my E5200 a little slightly from 2.5ghz to 3.0 ghz
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  9. The E5200 can go higher than that. Even just on the stock cooler 3.3-3.5 ghz should be fine.
  10. Thanks i will try it out.
  11. 3.325ghz would be a good choice. Just bump up the voltage a tad and set the FSB to 266mhz and you should be good to go.
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