Seagate harddrive question.

Hallo there. So i buildt myself a rig some months ago, and to save money i used my external seagate 3 tb harddrive as the main harddrive. When i took it out of the casing, and connected it to the computer, it would only let me use 2tb of the capacity, as the remaining 1tb was on some special disc i guess witch is slower and used only in portable harddrives. This was with win 7, and when i formated the computer it fixed the partition itself, only using the 2tb normal 7200rpm disc.

Today i got my windows 8 copy trough dreamspark from my university.
But when i were to install it, and went trough the disc partitions, it made the drive out to 3tb. Witch i guess means it's using both of the discs inside the harddrive.
Because of this im now concerned that i wont get enough speed out of it to do my high end gaming, editing, programming etc.

I took a speed test with a programm i found named roadkills disc speed. Im posting the result as a picture.

I'm very greatfull for all the feedback i can get, and if it's not running at the right speed i would like to know if there is any way to make it only use the 7200rpm part :)

looking at that speed test it's altso just giving out the storage space of the small part of the harddrive.

the harddrive is a 3tb seagate baracuda.
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  2. Can someone atleast tell me if this speed shown in the test, is about the normal speed on 7200rpm discs? So that i know that i can actually use it like it sits atm.
  3. That test only shows read speed which looks fine for a 7200 rpm drive. There is only one drive which is all running at the same speed in that device which is partitioned into two pieces. Google gpt vs mbr and Windows 7 which should come up with some links explaining why Win 7 only formatted the drive at 2tb vs the full 3tb.

    Sounds like the drive is working fine, and you're getting the speeds it should be running at. I would just continue using the system as is, assuming you now have access to the full 3tb of space.
  4. It is not going to run slower, one partition or the other.

    Make sure you have to most UP TO DATE driver for you your motherboard/SATA. VERY important! I would be surprised windows 8 wouldn't come with it, but I know windows 7 with all their updates don't have the correct one for Nvidia Nforce motherboards.

    Do that and you will be fine.
  5. Explanation with regard to the 2 TB limit is here

    MBR – Microsoft OS are all limited to a maximum capacity of ~2 TB when the BIOS is set to legacy BIOS boot mode and MBR is used to partition the drive.
  6. Wow thanks guys! Thx so much for the answers :))
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