Athlon XP and Hardware Accleration

I have an old computer that I would like to turn into a HTPC for an old 1080i CRT Rear Projection HDTV.

The system has an:
Athlon XP 2800+
1 GB Ram
Biostar Board with AGP and PCI
On-its-deathbed Geforce FX 5200

I would like to add an 8400 GS:

My hope is that with Windows 7 and the proper codecs this machine will play 1080p mkvs in media center.

Does anyone know if this will work or am I asking too much? Will the PCI interface affect performance for watching HD videos?

Thanks for looking.
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  1. what board is that?
  2. jryan388 said:
    what board is that?

    It's a Biostar M7NCD. An old nForce2 mobo.
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