How to recover data from corrupted hard drive

how to recover corrupted date from fat hard drive
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  1. what do you mean corrupted, software or hardware?
  2. kashifshah said:
    how to recover corrupted date from fat hard drive
  3. My laptop is fell down on the floor by which many corruption issues occurred on it, due to this problem i face many problem in my daily work routine, after 2 days uneventually my all data is get inaccessible or lost, when i saw this, i was fully shocked and worried about my data. Then my relative told me that some application are available for the data recovery in internet market, so i start searching online application for data recovery when i found SysTools Data Recovery software which recover my all data smoothly from FAT and NTFS partition drive. Its work very fine....and great support staff which assist me for the data recovery at the maximum level.....:bounce:
  4. How was this hard disk corrupted?
    Generally, a hard drive can be corrupted physically and logically. Physically corrupted drive often indicates the permanent data loss. However, the logically corrupted drive often can be fixed by formatting. The inner data also can be recovered at the aid of a recovery tool. What is your situation?
    If the drive is logically damaged, luckily, you can try a hard disk recovery freeware to get back your data and format this disk to see whether it can work as before.
    If this drive is physically damaged, you’d better send it to a data recovery company and pay some money to get back the data.
    Note: You should keep your important data backed up on a separate drive in the future.
    Beat wishes!
  5. Many reasons could cause hard drive data to be corrupted. Firstly of all, does the hard drive been detected by computer? If not, you may try to go to device manager and then assign a drive letter to the hard drive. You may take a look at this guide if you do not know how

    When hard drive shows as a drive letter on computer, you can now scan the hard drive to make sure that it is not infected by virus. You may use Microsoft Essential or Free AVG

    After make sure that hard drive is not infected by virus, you can scan the hard drive with data recovery software, Asoftech data recovery or 001 file recovery is recommended

    After you get back your files, you'd better format the hard drive so that you can continue using it.
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