GTX 480 Temps

Curious what temps your 480s are running at. At stock speeds and cooling with a fan bump to 75%, I tend to run around 70-72C. I am not worried about these temps but I was entertaining the thought of getting a different cooler and I am just curious what the real world ranges are for these guys.
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  1. those temps are still fine, don't worry about that, GTX480 is a HOT card... :)
  2. Yeah, not worried at all but I would like to OC down the road so I am thinking about alternative cooling. Just wanted to know the range so that when I get to that step, I know how well the cooling is working in comparison to average stock sinks.
  3. I would start worrying when the temps got above 90'C...
    I know that card can stand above 100'C, but high temps aren't good.
    OC your card a little-check temps-oc again-check temps again.
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