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Graphics card to get

Hello, I had a post earlier asking about upgrading from a gts 250, and I ended up deciding that I would get a 5850 at 1680x1050 res. I recently had a problem with my monitor and the company replaced it free with a 1920x1080 res monitor.

I have a couple of questions now.

Would my motherboard have enough space for two 5850s? Heres a link to it
And by the way it doesn't support SLI, only crossfire.
If it doesn't have enough space to crossfire I might consider getting a 5870 or waiting and getting a 5970

Second, if I get a 5850 (or 5970 etc) what company would be the best for me? If it's 30$ more to get from the best company, then I'm willing to do that.

Finally, (Kind of off subject) is DVI or VGA better at 1080p?
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  1. Oh yeah, by the way
    3.33 GHZ i7 975x
    Asus p6t x58 SE
    6gb 1600mhz
    800 watt psu
  2. A single HD5850, especially if you overclock it should already be great for 1920x1080. Your motherboard was designed to be able to crossfire and yes it should handle 2 HD5850s when the time comes. It is not a particularly large card considering it's performance level.
    The card I would recommend is the ASUS DirectCU HD5850. Here is a review;
    It has a very effective and quiet cooler and is one of the few custom HD5850s that allows for voltage modification of the core. The should allow for an overclock up to and past 1000mhz for performance well past a stock HD5870.
    As for your other question I would use DVI as it is digital and should deliver a perfect signal while VGA is analog.
  3. Alright, sounds good, thanks for answering all the questions!

    I'll look into the ASUS.
  4. Oh yeah, one more thing. Would my 800 watt psu be able to handle 2 of those overclocked to their maximum stable settings?
  5. Assuming it is a good brand(or even mediocre) it should handle it easily.
  6. Hmm, well I've run in to something.

    The cheapest ASUS 5850 I could find is around 350$ tax/shipping included, however I could get a 5870 on amazon (tax/shipping is free) for 390-400.

    Sapphire -

    XFX -
  7. So basically its a ASUS 5850 for 340 (not 350 my bad) or a 5870
    XFX - 390
    Sapphire - 400
    HIS? 385- (+ free modern warfare 2 which I could sell for about 35$)
  8. Based on the rest of your rig and resolution I would say one of the HD5870 cards. All the manufacturers listed are recommended.
  9. One thing though is apparently the ASUS 5850 can clock to 1000 mhz core, while the others sit at about 900 cause they don't have unlocked voltage. I don't really fully understand core/shader/memory clock etc. I just want to make sure the 5850 isn't going to outperform the 5870s.

    Also I want to make sure I'll be able to add a second in the future and run xfire.
  10. It is easy to say that a card can clock to a certain speed but it is not guarantied. A HD5870 can be overclocked as well and you can run two of them in crossfire.
  11. I'm jumping ship on ASUS... theses HD 4770's were supposed to be for crossfire but as sone as one comes back the other goes... Should have a Sapphire 5850 toxic 2gb sometime tomorrow afternoon and will see how that does... oh my point... with these monster card lengths case size is important, my scout won't hold a 5870, will yours? 5850 is about 10 to 10.5 5870 is about 11 to 11.5 depending on manafacturer
  12. @ jrichards - Well my case is an Azza Solano, and my current graphics card is a gts 250, which is 9 inches I believe. From what I can see through the side panel there's about an extra inch of space, and then it hits some cables which can probably be moved to make more room.

    @rolli59 - The best graphics card for july article came out yesterday and the best recommendation seems to be 2x 5850 in xfire. Is there any reason 2x 5870 isn't listed?
  13. The 5850 is supposed to be 10" I will measure i when it shows up. PureOC reviewed your case with a card measuring 11.5 So you should be good on size after a cable reroute. Newegg provides manafactures 800# call and ask them card length to be on safe side (I did)
    The only issue with crossfire is blocking the fan intakes. I used a Thermalright HR-03 Rev.A on the top card and solved that issue (wraps around the card and sits on top basically) Worked great except the Asus cards failing.

    I have a ga-x58-ud5 in a storm scout case with a CM hyper n 520 cpu cooler and it fits but I don't see 2 5850's going in without replacing that top cooler with the thermalright.
  14. Hmm I really can't decide what to get, I think its between the HIS 5870 and the ASUS 5850, anyone have any input between those two specifically?
  15. Asus lost my vote I have the 5850 coming solely because I could not use my crossfire setup with there 4770's constantly crapping out. I only have 1 of them in my pc now and the other one is a paperweight at the moment because I need the stock cooler to send it back and that is on the one that works at the moment.... My own fault for not keeping the stock cooler I know but the cards shouldn't just die at stock settings... but the 5870 isnt going to give you a $100 improvement (says the guy that bought the 2gb model)
  16. The only thing I'm worried about is that I wont be able to fit 2 5870s in my case in the future.
  17. ditto thats why I went 5850, more concerned that the 6 series will be shorter and faster, as the die sizes keep shrinking.
  18. 5850 is a better value anyway. When you OC both to 1000+ mhz the performance difference is only around 6%.
  19. I see that the 5850 is a better value except in this case where the 5870 would only be 10$ more once I sold the mw2 copy.
  20. well the 5850 is in and I must say it is not 10" it is 10.25" and if the coolermaster PSU cables were wrapped it wouldn't fit in this case... it is TIGHT to say the least. And @1920x1080 you would never see a difference between 5850x2 vs 5870x2, they are both going to outperform you monitors capabilities, so if you have the coin get the one you want as long as it fits, they will both do the job but if the 5870 makes it feel a little bigger down there go for it. And the MW2 is almost always a steam download these days
  21. Haha bigger down there. I do understand that with 2x 5850/5870 the performance won't be much different in terms of what you can see, however I wont be getting a second card for another 2-3 years. Thats why I thought at the time for 10$ more it would be worth it. (And as for the MW2, they give you a code to download it on steam yes, but I have a friend that would be willing to buy that code)
  22. Your not going to get an arguement from me with that, I spent 380 for a 5850 because it had 2gb on it, which i will only "notice" when I crank up the AA. And i say notice loosely....
  23. The 2gb will help when/if you move up to an eyefinity setup or 2560x1600.
  24. I'm not trying to argue, I just want my computer to be as future-proof as possible >_>.
  25. Best answer
    I was agreeing with you, if the 5870 fits and you got the cash you have really answered your own question. If you're looking for someone to qualify your decision than I'll just say future wise I am sure the extra stream processes of the 5870 will come in to play down the road.. (maybe sooner than later) Good call, I'm a jealous basturd because I can't fit one in my case. As far as fitting 2 you are going to have the same width limitations with both. The bottom card is going to block the top cards fan.. period. When I get a second 5850 (octoberish) I let you know how the thermalright does on cooling it.
  26. Alright, I think I'll tackle that when the time comes, hell by that time I might get a new motherboard and the problem will be fixed completely. Thanks for all the help guys!
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