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I would appreciate if someone could give me a clear answer (sales support at a major computer manufacturer could or would not answer my question).... as to which processor would be best for me. I have narrowed the choices to i5-650m, i5-750, and i7-860. I mostly am looking to solve my current problem of a slowdown when I have 30 internet windows open, 50k+ inbox, and a media player.
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  1. Out of those I5 750 price performance wise. Have you considered AMD X6 1055.
  2. Your slowdown is most likely multidimensional. How much ram do you have installed?

    An old platter based hard drive can slow down when you ask it to access too much data at the same time.

    Finally, if all your doing is web stuff and general office type tasks, a decently clock dual core will be plenty. so the i5 650 or even an i3 processor will do the trick.

    What do you have now for system specs?
  3. I have an old E2140 1.6GHz 2GB ram and a laptop with core duo P7350@2.0GHz 4GB ram.
  4. I'm assuming your talking about your desktop running slow right?
  5. Yes, the desktop is the problem.

    I noticed the i5-650m 3.2GHz 4mb cache, i5-750 2.66GHz has a 8mb cache and the i7-860 2.8GHz 8mb cache.

    What does the cache for?
  6. It's used as kind of a memory buffer for the chip. You'll notice more of an impact with more cache, when gaming or intensive rendering/cad type applications.
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