I think PSU will be good...what do you think??

I have a PC Power and Cooling 750w Silencer that I bought new about 2 years ago. I currently have a single GTX 260 that I plan on migrating to my other rig so I can make room for a pair of GTX 460's(possibly). The PSU should be good enough to power the sli'ed cards just fine, but should I think about getting a newer PSU because of the age of the PSU. It still runs great, however I did OC my old Q9550 to 3.8ghz while running 2 GTX 260's for a while with it awhile back before I sold the cpu and one of the gpu's. Also, the gpu choice isn't really set in stone either since the new radeon series is set to come out soon and I will probably wait till then before buying. thanks in advance
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    It will be fine. That PC&C PSU you have is great and has plenty of power to spare even for dual HD5870s and perhaps 470s.
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  3. Thats what I'm thinking. Just wanted a bit of reassurance. Thanks Timop.
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