IDE disks not functionning through USB controller

I'm trying to wipe my old IDE hard disks (got 3) with some kind of USB controller (CSATAI23U is the products name if you want to google it), but I can't get any IDE to function.. My SATA disks are no problem and all showing up fine, but those old IDE disks just won't work.. Am I forgetting something vital here? Or are the disks most likely too old (they are around 10 to 100 GB).

Do they have to have the jumper in master state? Any other idea's?
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  1. Can you see them in disk management?
  2. this is the link for it check if you have everything for it to work need to be plug to a molex 4 pins cable for power
  3. You should have the jumper in the master setting. IDE drives unlike the SATA drives require a power supply to work.
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