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Gpu for my dell gx 280 tower

i have a dell gx 280 small mini tower
with 250 watts psu (i know it sucks but i cant change it)
plz tell me will it run any one of these,
1. 9500gt by inno3d
2. gts 220 by inno3d
3. hd 4650 by HIS
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  1. I believe the "small mini tower" is one of the "slim" cases so you will need a low profile video card. Looking up the gx280 your processor is a Pentium 4 or D which are both quite poor for current games. The best card you should bother with that is low profile is the HD5570;
    It is fairly decent for low resolution gaming(1280x1024 and below) although a lot of current games will not do well on your processor, especially if it is a P4.
    It should be ok for a 250w Dell PSU.
  2. none of these cards require 6 pin power cable . and is this correct that a pcie slot can
    supply upto 75 watts maximum?
  3. Yes, that is true.
  4. u r right mine is a pentium 4 (630) 3ghz 2mb cache
    2 gb ram ddr2 (533mhz)
    and also 1024x768 is more than just fine for me
  5. The HD5570 would be a good choice at that resolution. Just don't expect miracles on cpu intensive current games. In fact considering it is a P4 I'm not sure how much practical difference you would see over a card like the HD4650 if you would rather save some money;
  6. i am on a budget, infact a very tight one. so kindly suggest some thing among the three . and small mini tower is not slim line . it can support full size cards
  7. I would rank them as follows;
    HD4650 > GT 220 > 9500GT
    However all of them come in versions with DDR3 or DDR2 memory. If either the HD4650 or GT 220 are DDR3 then get that. The DDR2 HD4650 is probably roughly equal to a DDR3 9500GT.
  8. shop from where i m gonna purchase have ddr2 versions of all of them ,
    now tell me which one is good . and will all of them work in my pc ?
  9. If they are all DDR2 then get the HD4650. It will be ok on your PSU.
  10. is there any way to get an idea about the efficiency of my psu?
  11. i mean that the actual wattage its giving, i am sure it would not be 100% 250 watts
  12. Well, for video cards what is important is the amperage on the +12v rail. It should be listed on a chart on the side of the PSU.
  13. it says it has 14A on +12V , now what
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    The HD4650 should be ok on that.
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