Hi guys.

I was wondering what possible drawbacks there might be to buying a OEM SSD.
I'm looking at a Samsung 470 (PM810) 256GB OEM SSD and having had no idea what OEM even stood for until a couple of hours ago, I'm now wondering if OEM hardware is worth buying.

Can anyone explain the cons for me?
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  1. You get no software or fancy packaging with it, generally it is just the drive in an ant-static sleeve in maybe another small card-board box. On things like hard-drives, there is really no downside to going OEM, they are just cheaper.
  2. Ok. Thank You for the response.
  3. Samsung is also a huge manufacture of OEM SSD's have you by chance had a gander at the Samsung 830's
  4. biggest gotcha is also no cables, so be sure to include in your order if needed.
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