Avoid vibration from pc/case?

Hello guys.

I have recently made some changes in my room and now my PC is over my desk. It's a wood desk so I'm experiencing some vibrations that constantly make the mouse cursor to move against my will.

Should I try to get a diferent mousepad, like razer's exactmat, which has some rubber feet


maybe try to put some rubber below the case to disperse the vibration


spend some money on a new anti-vibration case?

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  1. Walmart has some cheap rubber mat/shelf material in the housewares section that I'm using on my metal computer table to "hold" the keyboard and the speakers. A couple of bucks.
  2. Some violent fans you got there! Little rubber mat should fix the problem as suggested above.
  3. Agree with both posters above... :D
  4. You could also add a rubber bushing on your case fans this will help.
  5. Well there is a couple of options you have in this particular Case. First off DO NOT get anything Razor from my experience they suck. But i am wondering why your case is vibrating so much? Check your hardrives, case fans and PSU to see what is the culpret here for it would be cheaper to fix a broken fan or hardrive than to buy a whole new case.

    I recently installed DYNOMAT in my brothers case to stop some noise but it also stops vibration. This stuff does wonders for computer cases it looks cool keeps noise levels and vibration down and its easy to install. Your best bet it to order some online it will be cheaper than at your local electronics store. And all you need to install is a good pair of scizzors or a sharp blade and a blowdrier.

    You could get the New LanBoy Air case wich uses Air mounts for hardrives, They mound using big rubber band looking clips wich counter the vibrations. Also has great airflow and custome setups for you to choose.

    Get fan dampeners, psu dampeners, You can buy the rubber pluggs that hold your case fans in, instead if the screws. this stops vibration also.

    I hope some of my idea's help keep us posted on what you decided on!
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