Strange partition problem..

Hey guys,
I have this WD external 2TB HDD with me that had been working fine for months until last week when it just froze, made my pc reboot and.. ended uop totally screwed up.

By screwed I mean as it shows in the pic attached:
This HDD had only one NTFS partition and now, besides having no access to it, it shows different partitions and unformatted space between them.

I've run testdisk1.6 to look for the original partition and it is there, but instead of having about 1,8TB of formatted space it has only around 300GB..

Do you have any idea what's gone wrong and can I fix it? Thanks!
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  1. Hard to say exactly what happened but likely the drive was still writing when the bad things happened that corrupted the MBR. Usually, you get an inaccessible drive.

    Do you need the data? If not, just unallocate all partitions on it and then re-initialize and format. If you need the data in the existing partitions, you can expand them into the unallocated partitions that are to the right of an existing partition with a right click in disk management and extend volume ( ). If there is data in the unallocated regions that you need, I would try Recuva ( ).
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