Gtx 465 or 5850?

I am struggling to decided between paying 100 dollars more for a 5850 or opting for the cheaper though inferior GTX 465 that I found on cyberpowerpc's deal of the day. I have wanted the 5850 for a long time now but I am not sure its worth 100 more than a 465. If given the choice which do you pick?
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  1. An HD5850 shouldn't be $100 more than the GTX 465 unless you have found one for $200. If so that is a worthy deal especially if you overclock. The card isn't too impressive at stock but it can OC a large amount, I believe around 30% at which point it is a nice card for $200.
  2. niether ..thier is on offer on 470 msi which is about 300 $ on newegg.and remember the nvidia driver is alot more stable ,also the physics are important . prices are getting a big slash now so wait a bit and get a better card since it uses the same power supply .
  3. Physx are important? :)
  4. Nvidia drivers are not particularly more stable and GPU accelerated Physx is a useful feature in very few games. That said the $300 GTX 470 is a good deal.
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