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Hi. I'm wondering if this monitor would give good performance in games (I'll have athlon II x3 + GTX460 and wish to play at 1080p resolution)

The monitor in question is: BenQ G2220HDA (1080p)

Thank you for your advice.
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  1. Benq are lovely monitors.
    But do have a check on the screen update rate 2ms to five is great.
    Also if you can check what refresh rates the monitor will do.
    I suspect it has a Hdmi input for the monitor.

    Looks sweet.
  2. I have 3 of the Same series only difference is they're 24"... :)
    Lovely little things and the best part of them is the thin Bezel....... really does help with a multi monitor setup.....
    The only distracting thing is the Benq name that is written on the lower left hand corner, it's a cool reflective-refractive kind of thing.... but it reflects a little light irrelevant of how I place them....... some light from somewhere or the other does get to it :)
  3. The specification list quotes the presence of a single input connector which is further VGA.. As such, i wont say that the monitor is great.. The 5ms response time is good for gaming though.. If you've not bought the monitor already, i recommend getting one with atleast one DVI input.. Keep in mind that a monitor is just for display.. It will just aid in gaming experience and not performance.. Your GPU and, till some extent, the CPU will decide on the performance..
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