Memory Compatibility?

Hi Guys,

I'm getting 'Intel S5520SCR' motherboard along with 'Dual Xeon5660' & '24 GB RAM'. This machine is not going to be used as server running 24x7 but only as workstation to produce 3D motion graphics...

Now my question is, will this board be able to carry 'NON-ECC RAM' without any problems?

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  1. I think it would. But honestly i do think ASUS Z8PE-D18 is better in its features.
  2. To insure ram compatibility, go to the motherboard specs and check the ram QVL list of ram kits that have been tested and verified to work.

    Alternatively, go to a ram vendor's web site and access their ram configurator. Most ram vendors have them.
    The QVL lists are not usually updated, and the ram vendors have a vested interested in making their products available.
    You enter your motherboard and will get a list of compatible parts.

    Other parts may work, but if you should ever have a problem and need support, you want to have either the motherboard or ram vendor on your side.
  3. My suggestion? Avoid it.

    Intel S5520SCR Spec Sheet Link

    "NOTE: Mixed memory is not tested or supported. Non-ECC memory is not tested and is not recommended for use in a server environment"

    You might as well just go for ECC RAM and save yourself the trouble.
  4. As I said, better safe then sorry. I mean if you can't get a sure answer why risk it?

    Another thing you can do is call Intel and ask. I'm sure they'd know.
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