3.5" Internal IDE HDD Connected with adapter via USB not reading

I have an old 3.5" Internal IDE HDD that is normally used as a secondary drive for my desktop but I would like to transfer a big file, so I'm using the adapter and my desktop PC is the power source. Any ideas?
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  1. I'm sure nobody really cares, but I did figure out what to do. First I checked the pinned thread at the top that discussed problems with hard drives not being recognized. My hdd wasn't recognized in the BIOS, so that thread did not help me at all. I did a lot of unplugging and plugging it back in to no avail. Whenever I plugged it back in, however, a little bubble would pop up saying something along the lines of "Your USB device is not recognized", so I clicked that. That brought me to a list of my USB devices, so I double clicked on the unrecognized one so I could configure it. After some exploring, I decided to try to uninstall the drivers. I did that then unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked.

    TL;DR: I uninstalled the drivers.
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