Hello everyone,

I am looking to get myself an SSD for my system but there are a TON of options. I want something around $100.00 with 90-128GB of storage. I have a few reserves but have narrowed it down to three.

The Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe 120GB

OCZ Vertex 4

Samsung 830

The Samsung seems to be pretty popular in this forum but looks to be the slowest. The other Mushkin has read/write +500mb/s, OCZ's read is 560 write is 430. The Samsung has a write of only 320. The write speed in IOPS are as follows: 85000 for the Mushkin, up to 120000 for the OCZ, and only 30000 for the Samsung. Read speed: 90000 for OCZ and 80000 for the Samsung, while the Mushkin was not listed on NewEgg. Was wondering what would make me prefer the slower Samsung over the other drives listed. Does having a higher IOPS rating make a HUGE difference?

One last thing, I'm thinking now may not be the best time to buy a drive considering there may be some deep discount for black friday. What do you guys think?

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  1. Wait for black Friday for sure.

    With the Samsung having more constant performance and a very good track record for reliability people choose them.

    Sandforce based drives have a up 500+ writes, but that is done with compression so if the file is incompressible, the speeds take a good drop.

    The OCZ is newer and has had many firmware updates to make it better then it initial release. many have a fear from old problems OCZ had.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    I would go for the OCZ Vertex 4, its gotten great reviews and Tom's considers it a "Best for the Money" currently for the price. The 830 is a good drive, but it is the previous model before the 840.
  3. Get the OCZ vertex 4. The samsung is popular due to its good reliability. The samsung uses custom made parts from samsung.

    I would go for the mushkin due to the cheaper price and better all around stats.
  4. always wait as long as you can... if you just have to have them now/yesterday, then get the most value to you.
    All of the above ssds are fine, i think in real world performance, you would not notice any different between the drives. Personally, i'd get the one with the longest warranty period.
  5. The vertex is the faster of the three. I know some people are worried due to the multiple firmware updates but from what I hear they have fixed the majority of the issues from when the drive released.
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