New RAM in my lappy - very flaky

I ebayed a 1Gb sodimm for my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens V5535). Looking at the specs on the dimm it's faster than the one that's already in there (PC6400 v PC 5500 or somesuchlike) .

boot screen displays new ram OK
PC wont boot with just the new dimm in
linux distro (lubuntu) wont boot
Windows (Vista) very flaky (sometimes boots, drivers often crash)
memory tester that installs with ubuntu gives it the all clear.

Suggestions please :)
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  1. Your motherboard in teh laptop may be trying to underclock the ram to the speed of the old one.
    Make sure the ram you are putting in can be run at full speed (check manufacturers website).

    Try it with the old ram, if that still works then either the new ram is too high speed or faulty.
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