Crucial m4 freeze

i bought this ssd some months ago. it came with the last firmware 000f. i install the windows 7 64bit 2 times since now. it randomly freeze and i get blue screene 2 times since now. mobo x58 sabertooth cpu i7 at stock speed with 1.15vcore. bios set to ahci.
what can i do to fix it?
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  1. i just found that
    Release Date: 09/25/2012

    Firmware for the Crucial m4 2.5” SSD is being updated from version 000F to 010G.

    The m4 is updatable to this new firmware starting from any previous version in a single step.

    This is an OPTIONAL update for any drive in the field. It is only recommended if the end user is experiencing an issue related to the following items.
    Do NOT use any other m4 firmware update for your 2.5” SSD such as the 01MG firmware for the mSATA form factor.

    Version 010G includes the following changes:

    Improved Trim response time
    Improved power-on-to-ready time (known as POR, or TTR for Time-to-ready)
    Improved resume-time from low power modes, and improved reliability of warm reboot
    Improved power consumption by disabling HIPM (Host Initiated Power Management)

    Additional details can be found in the firmware guide

    i ll try it and i hope it will fix the problem!
    i hope that is the problem:P
  2. It doesn't fix it.
  3. how do you know that?
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