Do I need a new PSU for Sapphire 5830


I have just got a new Graphics Card few days ago, Sapphire 5830 1 GB, and my PC is 8 GB RAM, MB Gigabyte P43, OC E8400 running at 3.77 Ghz and 2 WD Blue HD.

My power supply i Gigabyte 450 Watt, Do I need a new PSU?

I don't want do any damage to my card with using "below the minimum PSU" is that true??
I don't want burn my card
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  1. I doubt your system will even exceed 350W with that E8400 even after the overclock.

    To give you a point of reference, my system runs around 450W and that is overclocked i7 + overclocked 5970.
  2. Thanks guys,
    So my card is safe?
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