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after a month of trying to figure out sysyem freezes and multiple upgrades, i finally found out my problem, my computer would sometimes boot
and now it wont with it.
i have a thermaltake 630 watt power supply that says it supports sli,
my issues came after i upgraded my system with the h70 watercooling kit, and then my computer wouldnt boot, i put my ati 4670s in the system and now it runs good.
my question is what power supply would be good to run atleast 2 graphics cards, like the 5770 in the future in crossfire with out any issues,
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  1. Thermaltake 630W PSU is adequate for 5770 GPU (2 of these). You mentioned upgrading your system with H70 watercooling kit then you computer wouldn't boot. I think you have not inserted you 5770 correctly on the PCIe slots or the power cable for your GPU is not plug-in correctly please check them. The 4670 works so the 5770 should also work.
  2. any good 650W PSU will do for 2 HD 5770s or 2 GTX 460s. :-)
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