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hi , i have recently been playing modern warfare 2 multiplayer (the steam version) and have tried a number of different resolutions to experiment what effect a different res would have on my fps.

however when i selected 1440x576 my screen went blank and input not supported appeared.

the game didn't have a time out screen when i changed the res so i am now stuck with the input not supported message whenever i try to play the game.

i have tried steams launch commands but they dont seem to work at all.

my native res is 1920x1080 and i have a 3870x2 graphics card.

some one please help ! lol
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  1. Re install the game.
  2. i would prefer any other options because reinstalling the game would mean losing all of my saved data which is quite substantial.
  3. I guess not, usually the game make folder in my documents(C:), so if you re-install the game you shouldn't start from the beginning...
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