Forgot to plug in the second connector in 5830


Few days ago I got Sapphire 5830 and while I was installing it I thought it's like my old card which takes only 1 6 pin connector, anyway this card takes too. I forgot to plug in the second connector, I turned on my PC and wow the card was very noisy and there was beep in the mother board. I tried few restarts without any luck "of course" :ouch:

Anyway, I noticed that it comes with 2 6 pin connector convertors and figured it out. Now the card is working fine but the question is "Did you I do any damage to the card by forgetting to plug in the second 6 pin connector?"
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  1. The card should be fine! It detected the lack of power and refused to run.
  2. Don't worry, your card is just fine... :)

    A month ago when cleaning, i was forgot to plug the 6pin connector for my HD4850, and it make beeps sound and on the screen says: connect the power connector or some like that...

    After plug the 6pin, my card is working normal again.
  3. Thanks guys, mine is working but I will not start gaming until I get a new PSU.
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