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Hey everyone! I finally registered, but I've been creeping around the forums for some time working on building my first PC. Great insight around here! Anyways, the build I've settled on (and yes, actually ordered everything, set in stone... except the PSU) is the following:

Intel Core i5-670
Intel DP55WB Mobo
Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Fan
4GB Corsair DDR3, 1333MHz
Seagate 500GB, 7200RPM, 16MB Buffer, SATA HDD
Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 Pro, 512MB DDR3
3x 120mm Standard Case fans

I know it's not the best build in the world, but I don't plan on OC or anything wild. I have a Mac for my CS and CAD work, so it's really just going to be a day to day desktop. Plus a couple of the components (ahem, graphics card) were free, so I'm not whining!

Aside from what I've actually ordered at this point, I may add an extra case fan, HDD, DVD drive, and 4GB more of RAM. Don't think I'll ever get to upgrading the graphics card, primarily because I don't think I need/can afford one, and when the time does come around in a few years, I'll probably be upgrading the whole system.

That being said, I've noticed that most recommend Corsair PSUs, some OCZ, etc. I'll probably end up with one of the two. Shooting for the under $200 range if that's possible.

Where I'm stuck is how much wattage I'll need, granted amps play in as well, I'd like to see what you all think would be an optimal (not too big or small) PSU for this setup. And as soon as I order one, sooner I can post it up on here!

Thanks in advance! (Sorry bout the long post too)

Edits: OS is Win 7 if that matters
Most I'll be powering USB at once would be 3-4 items.
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  1. For corsair PSU you can choose CX500(non-modular) or HX450(modular)-modular refers to the wires. how about antec psu it is also good.
  2. You've a pretty large budget for your needs.. Looking at your build and aspirations, the Corsch VX 450W will be plenty..
  3. A good 550 watt PSU will power a system with any single CPU and any video card with a single GPU.

    An X1950 needs about 5 amps, so a good 350 - 400 watt PSU will work.
  4. yah for your budget id prob get a 350 or 450w PSU

    the issue sometimes is its hard to find a GOOD quality 300-400w psu....usually gotta go upto 450w psu
  5. Awesome everyone. Thanks for so many responses. Local computer store told me I needed no less than a 800w and I thought that sounded a bit much!

    I'll start seeking meself one of the 450-550w Corsairs mentioned above.

    Thanks again!
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