How do you get video off a dvr hdd

Is there some kinda software to pull video off of a dvr survalance hard drive that was pulled out of the unit. Can you put the hdd directly in your pc? is there software to pull the video off,what would you need do they make drivers so your pc can recognise the hdd because the hdd isnt formatted in ntfs or fat the only way i was able to see the hdd was with partitioning software does anyone have an answer please?!!!!
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  1. Try contacting the company that installed those security...

    Usually they provide u the software needed for free....
    (never insert it directly but i have those software for see/record/Analise the record)

    only need to run the software and make sure the pc and dvr connected (mine using RJ-45)
  2. I can,t connect the dvr all i have is the hdd from it that's why it's been so difficult but thanx for the info
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