AMD Phenom II X4 970 Voltage and Temperature Questions


Phenom II x4 970 w/ Cooler master gemini II s
MSI 890gx m-atx board
2x2gb ocz pc1600
asus eah5750 1gb gddr5
antec 430w psu
Cooler Master Elite 360 case


1. I was able to easily overclock the cpu to 4.0 ghz and it has been there for a couple of days perfectly stable. I noticed today that the cpu voltage (the board seems to be preventing me from controlling the voltage even if I wanted to) is still 1.40 according to the BIOS and 1.375 according to AMD Overdrive and Core Temp. From what I've been reading, overclocking tests (using the same ol multiplier method) of these have been using/needing closer to 1.45v etc. What am I missing/how can this be?

2. I also just want to verify that my temperature norms are just that--normal. Even at the stock speed etc, the CPU seems glued to 44 +/-1 degrees while idling or doing normal day to day things (i.e. posting this), and 52 +/-2 while doing more intensive things like running Civ 5 for a couple of hours. Are these acceptable ranges? I've found sources that indicate both ways, hence the confusion.
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  1. You might wanna read this as a comparison:

    Conflicting reading between 2 softwares with OC'ing results in normal working temp should be a non-issue. As you can see, the OP on the thread had overheating issues YET the similar conflicting voltage reading as you are.

    I'd say, you've successfully OC'd that Phenom nicely. :D
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