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Hey, my 7900GS Graphics card is on its way out, i've cleaned all the inside and i am still getting major graphical artifacts and want to change cards. my system is old and I do not have the money to do the whole system up and my budget would be under 100Pounds -- 150Pounds absolute maximum

Graphics card -- Gainwood 7900GS Nvidia]
processor -- Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
Mobo -- NF4K8AC-8EKRS
Ram -- x4 hynix 512mb Ram

I cant upgrade much more because of the specs but I had these two cards in mind

^my question is would it be worth going for the 60pound one or settle for the 40pound one because of my system specs?

I also, if possible would like to upgrade my processor but I am unaware of how far I can push it before my motherboard wont accept it, any ideas?

many thanks
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  1. If you want to upgrade cpu later then go with GT240, it much better than GT220.
    I don't know about that motherboard, is it compatible with higher cpu?
    For now, you'll be good if you can OC your cpu, let's say above 2.2 GHz, it would be still okay with games recently... :)
  2. the motherboard I have is a 939socket and doesnt leave much room for improvement, my current ram is 400mhz (yes old!) which i think stops me from OCing it unless im just doing it wrong :P
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