12GB RAM Good Or Bad? (Quick Response)

Hello, Never posted on this part of the forums before so hello to those who I have not talked to or taken advice off :)

Well at the moment I only have 4GB Of DDR3 1333MHz which is decent although it's generic ram and it's not the fastest ram in the world!

So I have £100 to spend on more RAM now I'm going to be selling the RAM in my PC on ebay and picking up some of this stuff :-


I do tons of rendering In Sony Vegas so would a slight CPU Overclock and 12GB RAM speed things up?
Is this RAM any good?
Will it really help?

AMD 1055t (2.8ghz)
GTX 460 Sonic Platinum
750w Corsair PSU
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  1. Good if you really need it. Bad waste of money if you don't.

    4GB of performance RAM's is almost all you need unless you are doing some scientific stuff!
  2. Why does rendering take a rather long time then? What should I upgrade then in my set-up?
  3. What is your current RAM's. Try the overclocking option. That may help.
  4. I always thought that more RAM is better when doing rendering. If that's not the case, please correct me.

    I wouldn't recommend that kit for your system though ... you need a dual-channel kit, not triple-channel. If you want 12GB, get one 2x4GB kit and one 2x2GB kit so it all runs in dual-channel mode.
  5. It is. But 12GB is definitely not needed.
  6. Okay, so more RAM is better when doing rendering ... but 12GB is too much?

    What's the limit then? 8GB?
  7. i can't find 8GB is dual though anyone help?
  8. Well My parents always said that I can never find anything :) Will this work with my PC then yes? What do timing mean then?
  9. In real-world performance, faster timings mean very little. There is some improvement, but will you notice it most of the time? No.
  10. Okay the RAM you sent me I can't find the timings. Any Ideas?
  11. The timings (from Kingston's site) are 9-9-9-27 at 1600 speed.
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