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I currently have Vista 64 and have taken advice from this forum to consider upgrading to Windows 7. My question is do I need 7 Proffessional or 7 Ultimate and are both 64bit? I just bought another 8Gb RAM so the system RAM will be 16Gb.


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  1. as long as its 64 bit it doesn matter how much ram you got but have a look at the features and decide which one suites you the bestb
  2. I think that Win 7 Professional edition is the best price/feature pack of Win 7.

    And yes both have 64-bit versions. If you buy Win 7 Ultimate you'll get both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  3. I think the Ultimate version just has a few pre-installed games and other not so much used stuff such as Bit-locker.. Its just a 20$ extra over the professional though.. Opt for it if you need the peace of mind that you've the highest featured Win 7 version at your disposal..
  4. Go withprofessional, you'll never miss a thing.
  5. thanks guys for your input

  6. Well, I said before in a prvious thread that I've been out of touch with hardware and all the gadgets for aboout 18 months/two years. I run a dual quad core system with 8Gb RAM, and was surprised to see that this type of workstation has 24Gb as standard these days.

    The upgrade began with the RAM and next the OS. Have done the monitors already. I had to make sure first that the extra RAM could be used multitasking very processor intensive apps all at the same time with the 64bit OS.

    I don't paly computer games BTW
  7. Malmental,

    No offence taken at all, I'm just terribly rusty. You get to a stage where you think you have an optimum system and you really want to forget about the next super duper peripheral that is supposed to make your system runfaster.

    So I appreciate ALL the input

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