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I am looking to do something almost identical to what is being discussed in this post:

I will be using the Adaptec 7 series raid card with 6 internal ports (24 drives) and 1 external expansion port.

The one item I do not see discussed in the thread above is future expansion capabilities. I would like to use SAS expanders to other identical cases with more drives as my needs increase for storage thereby reducing costs (hopefully) in not having to buy multiple RAID cards and having all storage seen as a single server.

The goal would be to have all my client PC's (all Windows) mount to a single server \\server1 and then just see multiple logical drives as the storage continues to grow. Right now I am thinking of using RAID-6 across 12 drives - so each case would have 2 logical drives.

Can someone provide details on what would be needed in a second, third, fourth, etc box (identical case and drives as the first machine) in order to continue to grow the system over time? Motherboard, processor, ram, expander card, etc...

Thank you
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  1. First.
    The idea is very good, but it is a bit dangerous if you have a back up scheme set up.
    Don't realized on RAID, because it can only help HDD failed.

    You need to use 10Gb NIC to the server, cuz there will be lots of traffic, if all the clients are mounted from a server.


    SAS is expandable to 128 drives.
    SO when ever you need more space get a SAS expansion chassis, like this one.

    Just daisy it out as you need more space. Remember 128 drives max and indiscriminate HDD size.

    Example with multiple RAID set
    a) 12x 2TB - raid set
    b) 24x 4TB - raid set
    c) 8x 1TB - raid set

    Mother board Z68 with quad cores will be more then you need.

    SW you can use Openfiler, FreeNAS, openiSCSI.... there are plenty options outhere
  2. Any suggestions on SAS expander cards?
  3. For a multi-server .. I just experienced for data storage via NAS (Network Attached Storage)

    I use SYNOLOGY NAS DS412 + as a multi server.

    it is cheap but it is worth

    Many benefits are available .. this may help you. :D
  4. Seahawk2000 said:
    Any suggestions on SAS expander cards?

    I normally use DATOptic SAS box because I want redundan PSU Rackmount, I can look and let you know

    But the SAS expander is way down the line, so you should not worry too much for now.
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