9600GT vs 8800GT

Which one is better? Also which one drains which power? As I will be trying to get one off of ebay in a month or so and was wondering which one would be the better of the two. I will be trying for a 512MB model.
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  1. the 8800GT is the better card but runs hotter and uses slightly more power. a solid 400w PSU can power either one.
  2. OK, so I should go for an 8800 on a 400 watt power supply or play it safe and get a 9600?
  3. Also what would you consider to be the ATI equivalent cause with my board I could do the hybrid crossfire if I go ATI.
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    the 8800GT will be fine on a 400w PSU. i ran it off a good 305w unit.

    ATI had the 4830 to compete against the 8800GT/9800GT (same card) and the 3870 offered Nvidia 9600GT performance. All these cards are fairly old in video card years so the modern ATI 5670 would be the closest competitor to the Nvidia 8800GT.
  5. OK, do the 4830 and the 3870 support hybrid crossifre?
  6. they would support CF but not hybrid, why would you even want it?
  7. I heard it improves performance by a bit? I have an HD4200 on my motherboard right now. So the 4830 doesn't support hybrid crossfire with my 4200? I got a micro-atx board so normal Cfire is not an option.

    My M-board
  8. it doesn't improve performance, it shuts down your video card and uses integrated graphics (your 4200) for basic video tasks. For more intensive tasks it uses the video card. kind of like a hybrid car with an electric motor and gas engine.

    its purpose is it save does it....not that your video card uses a ton of energy to display web sites.
  9. Oh, well then so It would be best just to stick with the two cards I first suggested then?
  10. either of those cards would be fine for a 1440x900 or under monitor.
  11. I run 1280x1024 because my monitor is a small 17 inch viewsonic LCD lol. Big enough for me I guess I really don't run past 1280 often anyways. Thanks for the help.
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