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930 or 950 ?

Hi everybody ,

I was going to buy a new PC & I wondered which processor would be better

Intel(R) Core i7-930 or Core i7-950 ??

Here in Egypt , the price difference is as low as 18$ , so I think the price wouldn't be a problem .

The question here is about which is better ?

I know that my question might seem illogical but I thought that the old instruction set of the 950 might affect its performance or overclockability ?

So , what do you think ?? Which one should I buy ??

Thanks :)
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    Actually, go for i7-950. People says that 930 can be overclocked to 950 is just same spec, but the price between both has now been equal, unlike when first 950 came out. while you getting higher clock speed, go for i7-950.
  2. the issue is i930 is still high demand so retainer didn't want to low its price, I got my i930 by $199 in Frys. That's $100 lower than i950. if you can find a good deal for i930, should go i930 otherwise go get i950. watch microcenter price, someday they will sell i930 with only $199. price on internet is always very high, like $260 around. retainer make huge profit on it I guess.
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