Kingston HyperX - Slow performance.

Hi guys.

I'm entirely new to the world of SSD so apologies for not providing you with all the information needed to diagnose the issue.

I just recently installed a Kingston HyperX 3K SSD.

Read and write speeds are purported to be 555 and 510mb/s respectively, however using the ATTO disk benchmark, I seem to only ever get a maximum of 270/283.

I've made some alterations to the bios, switching from IDE to AHCI....

Other than that, i'm not sure what else to do?!

Latest Firmware has also been installed as suggested by many on varying forums.

Any assistance would be great

Thank you
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  1. Sounds like you have that drive on a sata 2 port, and it's running right at speed. Double check you have a board with Sata 3 ports on it, and that the drive is on the intel ports if it has them.
  2. I have a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3.... not sure what that means in terms of SATA 3 ports... how can I check?
  3. Do you have the ssd connected to the white sata ports, or the blue ones? It looks like the white sata ports on that board are sata 3 and the blue ones are sata 2.

    You should definitely have the controller in ahci or raid mode if you intend to use raid, but you can't just flip that around after you have installed Windows.
  4. I'll have the check regarding the white and blue colour ports. I currently have it running in AHCI mode.... which I selected after having installed Windows. Is that ok?
  5. Is the operating system not actually installed on the ssd? You shouldn't be able to just move that setting from ide - ahci with the operating system running from that drive.
  6. Windows 7 is indeed on the SSD
  7. tomatthe thank you very much for your help. The SSD is oprking at optimum speed.

    Sadly, another problem has arisen.

    When switching the cables between SSD amd HDD (so that SSD was in SATA3) - i now get BSOD when HDD is connected. Only when i dosconnect it will the OS load. Is there any reason for that?
  8. First thought was the mbr was on the mechanical drive, but that wouldn't explain why the machine boots without the mechanical drive connected.

    The bsod is generally what you would see when switching a drive from ide to ahci after windows has already been installed. Did you have the mechanical drive connected when you installed Windows to the ssd, and did it have a prior version of Windows installed on it?

    It's a hassle, but the easiest way to get through the mess you've got now may be to reinstall Windows with only the ssd connected (in ahci), then connect the mechanical drive once you've got everything working properly.

    Maybe someone else will have a better option on fixing this though.
  9. I'm currently on the PC with just SSD in.... AHCI, everything working as it should.... i can't really wipe the other HDD as it has all my data on it... so is there a way to just... keep the data but get it to work?
  10. Are you certain the ahci setting is on both controllers? If the mechanical drive was originally on a controller that was in ide, try setting the controller you moved it to, to ide. You should be able to set the controllers individually I believe.
  11. I'm not aware that you can. It seems to be very much a case of 1 setting for all drives
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