Best case to use as of fall/2010

Hey everyone, i currently have a coolermaster storm scout and its just not cutting it for temps my graphics cards just hit 90c the other day for the first time so i need to get better airflow A.S.A.P!!! Now i like the LanBoy Air and HAF-X but would like your opinion. Not just on those two cases, but Any Full Or Mid tower case!

Specs EVGA X58 SLI LE mobo
Coolermaster V8
6 gigs corsair ddr3 tripple 1333
I7 920 @ 3.6ghz
2-gigabyte gtx460's in SLI
1-gigabyte gts450 dedicated Physx
coarsair 850watt psu
WD blue 320's raid 0
WD black 1t
LG blueray writer
LG DVD Burner
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  2. What's your budget?
  3. Price is no option....
  4. Ok, what about size? Mid tower/full tower?
  5. HAF x is great....

    but the storm scout is a good case....u should check to make sure everything is working ok and not causing your heating issues.... what programs were you running when u hit 90c? and what program were you using to monitor temps?
  6. For the GTX460 90 is actually ok i believe, the things are ment to run hot, and your 14/15oC below the temperaure limit, and i doubt your fan is at 100% either..

    My 470's hits 90oC occastionally in a CM HAF 922 case with an extra 220mm Side fan sucking cool air into the case..
  7. Well i have 2 gtx 460's GIGABYTE non refrence (internal exuast with dual fans) in SLI configuration. I have 1 120mm fan in front blowing cold air in. 1 in rear sucking hot air out and a noctua 120 on the side sucking out air from video cards.

    Core voltage 1000
    core clock 715
    shader 1430
    mem 1800 fan max 70%

    to monitor the temps both speed fan & MSI Afterburner
    i was playing BFBC2 @ the time get about 98fps average but temps are higher on the first card than second (oviously)

    The Storm Scout is nice and all but its only a mid tower and i was looking to get a GTS450 dedicated physx and a coolermaster silentpro 1000wpsu so it will be tight in there, So i was looking into full tower. I recently had a HAF 932 but a custom mod failled misserable and had to junk it (had it painted by a friend and the paint peels off due to friend being an idiot and not sanding! ugh anway after that loss he game me the storm scout to replace.

    So im looking for future proof and a case i can use and love for years to come. I put alot of time and money into this build and want it to show and the Storm Scout just is not rectifing that for me lol

    I would do watercooling but just have not got up enough nerve to get into it in fear of things going wrong.

    I would prefer a full tower.
  8. Try switching the side to intake or shutting it off completely. Your probably disrupting airflow with the side as an exhaust.
  9. I have tried both options but still to no avail. The side fan location has plastic straight grill that makes the fan noisy as hell even with a noctua bad case design
  10. Well as i said money is no object, plus i will sell my storm scout on ebay to help once i get the new case, that case is really nice but not a fan of bare metal inside.

    Just reversed my side fan to intake running FURMARK hit 99c and bottom card 79c still high and i want to overclock but not at those temps
  11. Coolermaster HAF X with PSU (1000W)

    Coolermaster HAF X without PSU

    Coolermaster 922

    I have the CM922 case with the Coolermaster 200mm Side Fan sucking cold air into the case. I have 2x GTX470's Oc'd and they rarely go over 90oC, and even when they do its by 1oC.. Average is about 85-88oC. (Top card of course)
  12. Reviews of the CM HAF-X suggest it to be very efficient when it comes to GPU cooling.. It is said to have been designed with GTX 480 SLI setup in mind and thus should provide efficient cooling for your SLIed 460's.. Other than that, check out the Silverstone Fortress FTO2 and the Raven RV02..

    50 dollars off with free shipping... now only $799

    ... he said price is no option
  14. ^ That thing is nuts
  15. 3 180mm on the bottom, interesting.
  16. Those are some great cases its going to be hard to choose!!
  17. sportsfanboy said:
    3 180mm on the bottom, interesting.

    Yeah, because of the 90 degree rotated design, this way it's a bottom to top cooling flow (I have the fortress). And because everything is set up side to side to each other instead of underneath (since hot air rises) this way all the hot our goes right out instead of the heat from the GPU going to the CPU/memory area. And the 180 mm fans can push more air at lower RPM and be quieter (which is made even less loud by the dampening foam).
  18. Makes sense, is there any test with temperatures in mind against other cases?
  19. sportsfanboy said:
    Makes sense, is there any test with temperatures in mind against other cases?

    I read a few before buying it back in April. I know it is a bit cooler like maybe 5 degree Celsius differences as compared to some standard layout rigs or so but still depends on CPU cooler you use. I overall love teh design much better than standard but that's a bit of a personal choice.
  20. Well in my opinion what ever cools the best, and looks good works for me.
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