I cant access my intenal hdd

i have a DELL laptop with 320gb TOSHIBA hard drive, it is giving hard disk error and i m just not able to install a operating system in it niether on my lapor nor ina desktop, this hard disk is accessible with other hdd hosting an operating system but still can not be formatted or partitioned

please help with any IDEA
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  1. if you have recovered your data from the drive and want to wipe it and attempt a repair then use then go ahead and use the other host OS and remove all the partitions from the drive. put the drive back in the laptop and attempt a OS install from CD. Create a new active primary partition and do a full format if you can (rather than quick format, it might take some time) It still might not work as a OS drive if some critical areas of the drive are physically damaged. Also, you might want to look up the actual specs on your drive. Some OEMs kind of fib about your drive specs in the BIOS in order to slip in other drives and make theme conform to printed specs . (just fyi, not a bad thing most of the time they give you a larger drive and disable a portion to put their software on it)
  2. oh, by the way. After you do a full format of the drive you will want to run some hard drive tests for a while to determine if you have physical damaged areas of the drive.
    Best to do this before you install data on the drive.
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