Is Sapphire 5830 1GB DDR5 better than Gigabyte 4850 512 DDR3?

I just got Sapphire 5830 1GB DDR5 and it gives me 800 FPS using ATITOOL whereas the old Gigabyte 4850 512 DDR3 used to give me 1080 FPS :o

That means the new one is not as good as the old Gigabyte 4850 512 DDR3? or maybe because my PSU is not enough for the new one? (450 Watt)
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  1. The HD5830 is stronger than a HD4850, in game benchmarks show that
    450 watt PSU is little low but quality units like Corsair 450watt would not have any problems.
  2. Mine is Gigabyte so what do you think about it?
  3. The 5830 is easily faster than the 4850. Should definitely see some performance gains, depending on the rest of your system.

    As rolli59 pointed out, can you identify the brand and model of your Power Supply? It may also help to know what resolution you're playing at, and what CPU you have just to make sure there's enough to handle the GPU in the first place.
  4. my CPU is E8400 running at 3.77 Ghz, 8 GB DDR2 RAM and my MotherB is gb P43. HD is Caviar Blue 640, My power supply is GigaByte too, 450 Watt. I play at the highest resolution in my monitor 1920 x 1080

    I'm getting anew 600 Watt OCZ PSU tomorrow or after.
  5. Not knowing exactly what Gigabyte PSU you have. Then you should be fine with everything after your 600watt arrives.
  6. I just hope I'm fine UNTIL I get it :( I'm worry the card may get damaged from the law 450 watt SPU
  7. If it this one or with similar specs you should be just fine it has 30 amps available for the combined +12 volt rails.
    If you are low on power the first thing you notice is instability.
  8. that's mine

    but I opened the case and the peak wattage is not labeled like in that model :|
  9. That PSU should be fine.
    The power use of the HD5830 and the HD4850 are actually almost exactly the same;
    If your psu can handle one it can handle the other.
  10. I hope so but now I'm confused a little if I should get the 600 PSU or not
  11. Since you are OCing your CPU, I assume you plan to OC your GPU. That being tha case, the 450W PSU is not enough in the long term. Right now, you are on the low end of acceptability. Adding a quality PSU capable of handling more will help keep the overall system stable longer.

    OCing places additional stress (primarily heat) on components and your system (like a chain) is only as strong as its weakest link. In your case, your current PSU is weak. Get the new one. HOOAH!!!
  12. The 5830 uses more power than the 4850.
    Because of whats gimped on the 5830 , your powering a large part of the cypress die(same as 5870/5850) and @800mhz.
    Its rated at 178 tdp by ATI , where as the 4850 is @110.
    How the #'s were generated in the other link I don't know.
    I'm also not sure the psu is your problem, but you will need more power imo than your old gpu.

    edited: fixed some #'s
  13. Yes now I think I'm not confused anymore :)
    Thanks alot guys, love the place!
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